Meth Lab Information


Meth _chemicals

Many people may be unaware that they're living near a meth lab. Here are some things to look for:

  • Strong smell that might resemble urine, or unusual chemical smell like ether, ammonia, or acetone.
  • Little or no traffic during the day, but lots of traffic at extremely late hours.
  • Extra efforts made to cover windows or reinforce doors.
  • Residents never putting their trash out or burning all trash.
  • Lab materials surrounding property (lantern fuel cans, red chemically stained coffee filters, clear glass jugs and duct tape).
  • Vehicles loaded with trunks, chemical containers, or basic chemistry paraphernalia - glassware, rubber tubing, etc.
  • Laboratory glassware being carried into residence.
  • Inhabitants smoking outside due to the fumes.
  • Dying grass or plants in a particular area.

Presence of the following items could indicate the existence of a meth lab:


Alcohol Ether (Starting Fluid) Toluene/Paint Thinner Camp Stove Fuel/Coleman Fuel Anhydrous Ammonia Red Phosphorous (Matchbooks) Lye (Red Devil Lye) Drano Battery Acid/Sulfuric Acid Epsom Salts Batteries/Lithium Coffee Filters Propane Cylinders Fire Extinguishers Hot Plates Rock/Table Salt Ephedrine (over-the-counter) Cold Tablets/Bronchodialators Energy Boosters/Diet Aids


If you suspect a meth lab in your neighborhood:


Call the Hillsdale County Sheriff's Dept. at 800-437-7317


Do not take matters into your own hands!  Exposure to chemicals or suspects can be hazardous.